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Portland, OR

About Us

we build the impossible.

Since 2010, Orange Static
has helped
clients succeed.

We create award-winning websites, custom solutions, applications and online marketing strategies that bring your ideas to life. We thrive on the possibility of building your website or project to break through, stand out, and be unique in every way.

Orange Static’s services start with a collaborative strategy that results in a complete solution for your company’s online goals. Orange Static works with small to medium-sized businesses, non-profits and organizations to create comprehensive and performance-driven projects and campaigns.

Orange Static’s service offerings, which range from state-of-the-art websites and search engine marketing activities, to award-winning video production and branding solutions, allow our clients to effectively make the most of their potential online.

From business cards to discussion guides and state-of-the-art web presences with advanced functionality and engaging interactivity, our team of highly talented designers create things that make your audience smile.


Whether your website needs a simple fix or a whole new layer of functionality added, our skilled programmers have experience in essentially every modern web programming language and major third-party web-based system. Whatever the idea is you have for your website, however impossible it sounds, give us a call or email to find out for sure!


Questions about your existing website? Need help making some changes to your website but not sure how to do it yourself ? Can't get in touch with the original company that made your website? Get in touch and we'll find a way to help!


Videos on the web are more than just a common component of modern websites, they are continuing to evolve, making it more important than ever to offer your web audience a stunning story experience.